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Why did we even bother at all when everything I thought could go wrong did anyway.

only if you go back to school and take a fancy cooking course and cook for me….or get me a dragon. Then we may have a deal.


Well then tell her to get on that and let the dumping commence!

Chelsea go back to high school and take comp sci and make me a computer

Chelsea pls

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Being at home after so long is the strangest thing. Its like staying in a hotel room, but at the same time nothing has really changed since i left. I still know that my dad will wake me up by vacuuming at an ungodly hour and that when i do make my way to the kitchen my mom will be sitting in the same place she has always sat in. Amazing how some things can stay exactly the same. Its so weird to sleep without the sound of sirens and obnoxious drunk people outside my window, here all the sounds are made by crickets and frogs. Which is probably why i slept so well last night. Walking down a forest trail with my dog today i realized how much i fucking miss this place. but at the same time feel so completely detached from it. I guess i dont really know how i feel.

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